well, it’s been quite some time. here i am finished my exam by literally throwing it down the drain. just came back from a chilly trip, got to see my sis and hanged out abit. well, it was stress free, that’s all i can say. it’s de holiday season and it was packed till walking around became an issue. did enjoyed it somehow.

this year is like coming to an end and many things have kinda happened. well, i kinda remembered the latest ones of course. noticed how softwares have constant updates. well, i’ve kinda been doing some tiny updates for myself little by little. Maybe these may not seem important to anyone else, but it makes me feel a little bit more established each time i achieved one of these targets.

one thing i’ve gotta learn is to ignore what others might think of me. my sisters have this great skill and they wouldn’t care much for what others might think. just do what feels good and nice. well, i think i should too. it’s been a while since i had such great gifts, guess i should just enjoy it and dun care about what otehrs might think or say.

another thing that happened is the fyp thingy, in my opinion not a big deal but got abit huge. well, everyone kinda show their true selves when it comes to protecting their rights i supposed. choosing your team and doing great things. bla bla bla…. the people around me kind of did so many things and i heard so many things from so many different sources. well, all things are of course settled down now but you know what, it feels so different already. i know what these people will do and can do. let’s just see how it all turns out.

i’m kinda entering the final phase of year 2 and to be honest, not quite satisfied with my so called uni life. kinda wanted to do more stuffs, know more people and create unforgettable moments. but maybe its just too late to do that already. time waits for no one i guessed.

ah, one more thing. i think my social skills are considered bad if the only options were good, medium and bad. not sure why, but i dun spontaneously go out to meet someone unless it was pre planned and i was perfectly ready mentally and physically. i think i should work on that also. like try and meet more people, learn to social and talk. i feel like im a 12 year old adult standing statue or just a simple mute.

haih, me here blabbing all the way. if only there was a slot in my brain for PR skills. well, people just have to know me well to know how i express i supposed or they’re just gonna walk away. either way, let’s just hope i can achieve these little things before i enter the society. Happy Holidays, everyone and look forward to a cheerful 2013. =DD


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