D-Day #8. starting to lose count. LOL. today was pretty easy i think. remember how i told you about the management. yeah. we can fill the all walkway. nothing much to remember abt today.

The hit point is someone appraoched me about working as “pt” and the company is called cvi global berhad. i ahve no idea what it is even after googling but the lady says they do sales. it was so sudden. she suddenly asked for my number i was like… huh? my number? “first time experience”. yeah all in all i think its something like the amway thingy or so. see hw it goes.

sis and mum fought today cause she din not wan to wash de car. LOL. she is tinking all the crazy things i went through and i know how it feels. i kinda understand the simple things she go through all these years for us. the sacrifices she made. so no matter how wrong she is, i dun think i can hate her cause she has done so much. just for example, de recent event. there was nothing i can do and i feel like shit. at least she came out with something. just hope my sis can come to note these someday later.

have to study study study for my test tomolo. god bless me. not so early to say good nitezzzzz……=D


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