D-Day #7. noti3ed i missed a day? yeah. awesomely sleep deprived. yesterday night shift and today morning shift. i wanna scream “i cant feel my legs anymore”

as you know _____ started today and as what i’ve expected, there are a lot of familiar faces. and it’s not that bad or anything. i think it’s easier than normal times cause we onli need to count plates and collect them. LOL. but seriously too many people so, my legs are more than screaming. have i mentioned how ridiculous the management is? it’s just hilarious to see how they arrange stuffs and other little things. wait till i’ve stopped and i’ll just spill it all out. the nomination for my blacklisted places to visit when you eat out. LOLssss…

tomolo is one long day. dun even feel like going. can i just call it off till this week? wishing for it to be possible. for now, i’ll have to study with the little time i have.


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