D-Day #5. today was, how do i describe it. quick i suppose. time really flew by and it was continuous non stop human traffic. not sure how much longer my will to fight can stand. feel like giving up so terribly. i know i sound like one piece of shit but then yeah, everyone is different. guess you dun know how i feel. 

_____ happening next monday. I’m sure i’ll be seeing alot of familiar faces i guess. on de bright side it might be easier. what should i choose? choice A or B, i really have no idea… god bless me for anotehr day tomolo.

PS: i did not forget mr bw’s birthday. just that “yeah its just an excuse.” i know he thinks i forgot about it. Farny thing, they checked in at ____ again. Guess the diff between us and everyone else is taht there’ll always be a difference. ~talking shit~. good nitez peeps. =D

and oh yeah, before i forget, totally did not realize today was teh dinenr for the st michael’s centennial dinner. LOL. guess alot went and alot find it regretfull not able to attend, but then given the chance, i’m not sure i’ll 100% wanting to attend such an event. not sure why.

nitezzzz for reall…. =DDD


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