wanna thank pyc, bryan, cynthia, pei xin, ze wen, ah miao and tjf for giving me an all new 20th bday experience. maybe it was not their very intention but ive totally learnt alot of new stuff. and see a different world. and the after effects are kinda longing in my brain for quite sometime. LOL. cincah nomu nomu gomawo. just that maybe i suck so much in expressing something. not many may understand.

(photos courtesy of cynthia)

went for an interview today and it was not that bad but my heart was beating like crazy before that, maybe cause ive not work for such a long time. was so dilema on which job should i choose. but then yes, i finally chose something. wanna go take my license so badly, if only that was possible. feeling so useless and pathetic. just think time will pass quickly and all these are going to end someday. think positive right. (ps, somethings are not meant to be known publicly, i’ll just keep those to myself)


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