The Lack of Time

This i guess would be a very short post as im about to sleep just so you know. Recently i cant find time to do just the right thing and time is slipping past like a bullet train or maybe just a slippery eel, that’s hard to catch. I have been wanting to do a post on being “THE OUTCAST” but im guessing that would take alot of time and thats what i dun have now, so maybe some other day might do.

Nothing is really going well this sem, not that im complaning, its ok and all, just seems very weird to me and its very different. The lecturers I have this sem is like totally crap and all you can do is rely on yourself to self study and again that takes TIME. To be honest, i have zero idea in any of the subjects with and exception in english which i dont have to study and law perhaps which i did some study, not sure why.

Its like i wake up in the morning, 8,9 maybe 10 something then i have my breakfast, my usual morning show before i go for class. And then yes, poof when i get back to my room, thats it, the day is consider ended. Or maybe another normal weekend and yes i woke and guess what i just sat there…. I mean its so wrong and all and still im doing it. Why isit like that for me?? I mean, come on, all those people out there and me …… =.=

Some people just need to work that extra hard to get something while others just snap their fingers at it. Its the reality of life i guess. The time thingy got me generating a new theory and its something like if you used up happiness and laughter or maybe anything in equivalent over a period of time, you need some time to recharge or a cool off period where nothing kinda exciting happens. And i kinda admit i was kinda overexcited some time ago so…. who knows….. Maybe my theory is true…

Thats all for now maybe…not sure what i even said. Gtg sleep…… =D

This song , the lyrics

I keep reminding myself, im not like anyone else……

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